Monday, June 13, 2016

Strengths & Weaknesses

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Days 10 & 11: Name a few of your strengths and a few of your weaknesses.

I decided to 'merge' the challenges of these two days since they pretty much go together anyway (plus I'm behind).


  • Supportive. I strive for win-win situations and look to help everyone who might need me to do so.
  • Reliable. Even though I have a tendency to procrastinate and leave things to the last minute, I get things done at the highest standard and go beyond.
  • Imaginative. always have been.
  • Enthusiastic. I think this only applies with things I love or am passionate about.
  • Loyal/Hardworking. I tend to become (beyond) loyal and develop emotional attachments to the ideas/organizations that I work with for which I devote myself to.
  • Good practical skills. I tend to act more so than I tend to analyze something. In my mind, time spent trying to understand something really difficult is time wasted and as an architect with very tight deadlines you learn that it is better to go as fast as you can with the the things you understand and leave the rest for last.


  • Humble/Shy. I'm not one to go about screaming my accomplishments, I'm more one to downplay my success.
  • Take things personally. I (mistakingly) tend to carry professional conflict onto my personal life.
  • Repress feelings. In order to avoid awkward situations I tend to keep my mouth shut when something bothers me (although my attitude and behavior might scream otherwise).
  • Overload myself. Because I'm such a perfectionist, I don't always trust other people with things. I'm not confident delegating.  I believe that the only way to get things done right, is doing them myself.
  • Reluctant to change. I am a creature of habit, ergo, changes throw me off balance. That doesn't mean I can't adjust, but it takes time and a lot of effort.
  • Too altruistic. Since I'm one to avoid conflict, I end up offering myself for things I shouldn't and letting things (which I shouldn't) slide.

Ok, ok, I cheated. I actually took a personality test here and got these as my personalities' strengths and weaknesses, but boy are these true. I really did identified myself with everything my profile said about my personality, my relationships, career path and specially these. I strongly encourage you to take the test* and, as will I, start working towards better understanding yourself.


*This is NOT a sponsored post.

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