Thursday, June 23, 2016

Special Talents

Day 14: Do you have any special talents?

This is a really tough one. Ok, let's see...

  • I can copy things very accurately. As in drawing things I'm looking at.
  • I can sing. Not in a Christina Aguilera kind of way, but I've heard I don't suck.
  • I can retain information. I once worked on a book project (my pride and joy) which had over 2,450 images and I knew what each image was, the author of the project, the photographer and where the image came from. No Lexipedia, but still pretty good.
  • I can stay up (with no sleep) for a long time. When I was in college I was the only one in my group of friends who didn't need to take a nap when we would work after hours for a hand in.
  • I can do a British accent. I picked it up when in Sheffield but my Brit friends begged for it to stop ha!
  • I think I'm a good cook. As in, whatever I make tastes good, but I don't experiment too much.
  • I'm good with my hands: drawing, cutting, gluing and putting things together. I guess that's why I loved doing models for a living (as in the picture above).
No juggling, no musical talent whatsoever, no dancing number or any kind of sporting skills. 

In the personality test I took recently it showed that I have more of an introverted nature, so taking the spotlight, although something I can do, it's not exactly my cup of tea. Do any of these count as talents? A can guess how much we're paying in the supermarket every.single.time, that's like his special talent (one of them anyway). What's yours?


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