Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Pet Love

Day 6: What animal would you like to have as a pet?

Growing up we only had one pet, a doberman pincher puppy we named Spanky (we had just seen 'The little rascals'). Spanky was really hyper and enjoyed biting pretty much everything he could find. We never took the time to train him and we rarely ever took him out for walks. Because he was a living tornado, he was tied in the garage during the day, and tied inside the house at nights. Although we loved him very much, I don't think we were able to show it properly. One day, his leash got lose and he ran away. My parents looked for him around the neighbourhood but couldn't find him and we were devastated. Thankfully, we later learned he was found and adopted by a wealthy family who took care of him and gave him a home where we could run around free without being tied. I think he was happy.

Many, and I mean many years later, A got a puppy Pug for my sister, who she named Camilo. I've written about him before on the blog. Since Camilo came into our lives, everyone in the family fell in love with the Pug breed, and it became clear that at some point both my brother and I would get a Pug as well.

Three years later, that time has come for me and A. In less than two weeks, we'll be getting our very own Pug puppy!!! (he is pictured above with my mom). For a long time now, my mom has been part of a Facebook page about Pugs that live in our hometown and they are constantly selling them or looking for pairings. This little guy had been advertised for a while now and my mom told me about him back then, but although A and I have been talking about getting one for a while now, I wasn't sure we were ready.

It was fate when my mom saw another publication on the page about this cutie and sent me pictures. I showed them to A and he said we should go for it. My mom contacted the owner and it turned out he was still available. I later learned that he had five other siblings who were adopted before him and I couldn't believe he hadn't been taken. The owner said he was waiting for us.

He will be two months old by the time we get him (the same as Camilo when Gaby got him) and we will bring him home from Veracruz. We are very excited to take on this adventure because neither of us have ever taken care of a puppy by ourselves. I know it will be a challenge but I honestly can't wait to have him here with us, completing our little soon to be family of three.

So, nothing extravagant for us (at least not yet, A really wants a Mexican hairless dog), just your good 'ole man's best friend.

What animal would you like to have as a pet?


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