Friday, June 24, 2016

Season of Choice

Day 15: Do you have a favorite season? what is it and why?

Without a doubt my favorite season is fall. 

Having grown up in a place where there are literally two seasons (hot and hotter), living in England for a year, then in Mexico City and now in Puebla, I long for the cooler weather, the ever changing colors of leafs, and of course, pumpkin spice latte season.

For me, the overall feeling of fall is all about coziness. It's the time to put away the tank tops and cover ups and bringing out the cardigans. It's the perfect time for hot drinks and reading by fireplaces under wool throws.

Although Halloween is not a Mexican tradition, it is celebrated by some people, NOT including me and A (not for my lack of trying). However I use the date as an excuse to eat candy (and pumpkin spice donuts!), watch scary movies and buy mini pumpkins.

We don't have Thanksgiving either, but when possible, we've adopted the idea of Friendsgiving (pumpkin pie!). Whether that happens or not, every year I take the time to reflect upon the things I'm most grateful for. Also, I like binge watching Friends Thanksgiving themed episodes.

As if those weren't enough how about the fact that by the time fall comes, it's a sign that Christmas is coming?! and the year is ending and it's all about the prospect of posibilities and change.

But ultimately, my friend Gabs said it better: 'What I like about fall, is the color of the clothes'.

What's your favorite season?


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