Friday, June 10, 2016

Guest Ready

Today (and because I'm hosting my bff this weekend), I'm sharing a list of the 10 staples A and I make a point to get from the store for when we have guests staying over. Gotta be ready!

We don't usually have most of these laying around the house all the time for safety reasons, but when other people are involved we like for them to have stuff to enjoy while we're hanging out at home (or just waiting until it's time to go out to eat again).

Here's our list of 10 f&b staples for when we are having guests over:

1. Assorted booze. We will chose this depending on who's coming over, but in this case there's red wine (Riunite's Lambrusco) and whiskey (Johny Walker's red label). We usually drink these at night before we head out to dinner.

2. Beer. Everyone in my family drinks different beer, so we also make it a point to get their favorites. The one pictured is A's favorite (XX Ámbar).

3. Dipping snack. Last time my bff was here she brought an incredible dip we couldn't find here where we live, so we got this one instead + Stacy's pita chips. We pretty much will eat this at any time.

4. Assorted salty snacks. These include some kind of chips (green Chip's), pretzels (Snyder's snaps) and peanuts (Hot Nuts). 

5. Desert drink. That would be a 'carajillo', which calls for Licor 43 + espresso shot. 

6. Ice cream. I'm pretty flexible on this front (as long as there's chocolate in there somewhere). Pictured is Holanda's Oreo flavor. This is more of a late night snack.

7. Cookies. Because what is ice cream without something extra? This time we got Oreo's but we like to change from time to time. We also snack on these in the morning (ice cream is optional).

8. Perrier. A just really likes it and it goes great with the whiskey.

9. Coca Cola. Obviously. At least we buy the really small cans so we don't drink so much of it.

10. Breakfast drink. Even if we have plans for breakfast out, we are prepared with white wine (Riunite's Bianco) + orange juice (Jumex's Unico Fresco).

What do you think? What are some of your entertaining food+beverage staples? 


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