Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Current Wheels

Day 12: What was your first car? What is your current vehicle?

My first and only car ever was my dad's 1990 gray Spirit (couldn't get a decent image). I remember I started using it by the time I got to high school and couldn't catch a ride with my neighbor to school anymore. I was the only one of my closest friends with a car so I'd pick up and drop off everyone every time we went out.

One of the greatest anecdotes from back then, was when we were going to the movie theater and parked in the mall across the street from it. This place closed at nine and we were out of the movies way passed that time. When we got to the parking, the security guard said we no longer could take the car because they had already written down a report on all the cars there and that they could only let me out if I showed them a ticket from a store from that mall (since we were actually at the mall across the street from that one, we didn't have a receipt). 

I absolutely freaked since I couldn't call my parents and so we all got in the car and drove as if we were leaving, headed to the exit. The car ahead of us did have a receipt and so they lifted a chain to let it out. As soon as the car left the place, I stepped on the accelerator and even though the guards tried to stop us by pulling the chain, they couldn't fight against the car's power and so they let it go, thus the chain hit the hood, the windshield, and then went over the top and back of the car, allowing us to exit escape that place.

The rush during this (probably five seconds) lasted for the rest of the night. I remember being terrified that they'd call the authorities to let them know we had escaped or something and that they'd call my house and tell on me, but that didn't happen and I never went back to that place, just in case. At least not on that car.

During my first year of college, I was driving to school and got hit by a car (nothing too bad) and most of the passenger side was dented. After that, the car began to deteriorate (it was fifteen years old after all) and we used it until it was pretty much useless :(

I also ocassionally used my mom's burgundy Jetta (can't remember what year that one was from) and eventually my dad got a Toyota Corolla (also gray) which I also got to ocassionally drive. However, neither of these cars ever felt as mine as the Spirit did.

One of our goals this year is to buy a car (the one pictured actually), but currently I mostly get around on Uber, unless I'm going somewhere near or that I know how to get to by bus, like Walmart, uni or the bank. 


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