Friday, June 03, 2016

Inside My Bag

Day 3. What is inside your bag? 

I love big purses but I don't always fill them since I don't really carry a lot of items. I guess it really all depends on where I'm going/what I'm going to do and whether or not I'm going alone.

The list I've put together includes things I'd take if I was going on a day trip as a tourist or was just going to be out of the house for an extended period of time (I'd usually just carry a small crossbody bag with essentials if I was running errands)

All these things I'd carry in my gray nylon Le Pliege large tote by Longchamp (pictured), which is my favorite bag I own. I bought it on their Flagship store in Soho (designed by Thomas Heatherwick), on a trip to NYC with A in 2013. I divided what's pictured into three categories:

My essentials (can't leave the house without them)

1. House keys. The first thing I grab on the way out are the keys. Even if A is coming, I'm sort of 'in charge' of them. We have many keys for different locks of the house and they are pictured here on three different Adidas keychains (presents from my brother in law).

2. Spare change. If I'm going somewhere alone I might just take the bus so I try to carry spare change (not necessarily in my wallet)

3. Wallet. This one is brand new from Mango! Got it as a birthday treat for myself last month since the one I had before (which I had also got for myself on my last birthday) was stolen a few months back. 

4. Passport. I carry my passport everywhere cause you never know when Adventure might strike. Ha! I wish! I only carry it everywhere because since my wallet was stolen I have no other ID. The passport holder is an old one from Victoria's Secret.

5. Cell phone. Brand new iPhone SE which I got on my birthday. The old one was also stolen and my dad lend me his old one which I pretty much destroyed. The case is see through from Mobo. Depending on the occasion, I'll carry the earbuds and charger along.

Other picks I carry when I remember:

6. Sunnies. Imitation black Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers (pictured are original Rayban Classic Wayfarers)

7. Notebook. I heard once that an architect should never go about without pencil and paper, so here it is. It's helpful whenever I need to write down addresses or names of places we want to try or just information about something I'm photographing at a museum or eating at a restaurant.

8. Pen. This one is my favorite and it's from Muji (sad face because we don't have Muji in Mexico).

9. Camera. It's a Nikon d3100, which we only carry when we know we'll be taking pictures (weekend getaways/museum trips/site visits), so not a day to day item.

10. Lip balm. This is the only 'make up' I carry, but again, it depends. Flavor is Summer Fruit by EOS.

11. A book. The one I've been reaching for a while now is 'Casa Collage' by Xavier Monteys. It's an essay about contemporary practices in housing (the editorial is GG) and I like that it is easily read and basically fits in all my small bags.

12. Snack bar. Since I'm supposed to be eating healthier, whenever I leave the house I try (but constantly forget) to bring a snack bar. I've tried many flavors and brands, and my current favorite is Quaker's Stila (any flavor).

13. Anti bacterial hand gel. Pictured and currently in use is Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea.

As requested by A:

14. Eye drops. For his red/dry eyes problems.

15. Hand cream. Pocket sized bottle of Nivea hand cream since we live in a pretty dry place.

16. Band aids. For uncomfortable shoes and the occasional cuts.

17. Candy. Usually Jolly Rancher squared shape hard candy, just because.

I feel like all these stuff say a lot about me, doesn't it? or is it just me? Anyway, what's in your bag?


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