Monday, June 06, 2016


Day 5: Do you collect anything?

'the act or process of getting things from different places and bringing them together to show or study them or as a hobby' (from the web version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

According to the previous definition, I'd say I have two collections (for hobby):

Novelty car plates/metal signs
This collection started in the summer of 2005. I was working at Disney World at the time and had all sorts of theme park maps and memorabilia on my bedroom walls. One day I was at Universal Studios' City Walk and we went into Margaritaville. I had never heard that word in my life, didn't know it was a song or who Jimmy Buffett was, but I saw a metal sign which read 'Margaritaville Way' and loved the concept of the word. I guess I figured I could nail that to the wall over my very own house bar someday (that day still hasn't come). After I got that, I pretty much started scouting for other plates/signs and then got many of them from Disney Parks. 

Through the years and traveling I've done, I've been able to collect several more plates from different places like Montreal, Miami, NYC, Puerto Rico, Paris, London, Berlin and Dublin. Others I've got as presents from friends/family who know I collect them and one I got at a flea market in Puebla.

Funny thing about this collection: it is not displayed. For many years I didn't have the space to showcase it and now that I do, I just don't know where or how to do it. Not that it has stopped me from trying to visualize what it would look like :)

My guess is I will continue to collect plates and signs from wherever I travel and hopefully one day I'll have a game room or bar where I can display them.

In all honesty I don't know how this collection started but it is pretty clear to me why it did. I love writing. I have for a very long time and it makes sense to me to buy as many notebooks as possible. What doesn't make sense is that I have them, but I don't use them (nonsense, I know).

I think what appeals to me is the graphic value, the cover's designs, the aesthetic. They are all very pretty and not using them keeps them that way (IMO). If I were to carry them around with me, they'd get dirty or worse, LOST, which is why I rather keep them safe in a wire basket on a shelf in my living room.

They come in all sizes and colors. Some I've brought back from trips abroad, others from novelty shops, book stores, or museum gift shops (like my newest acquisition!). I love them all equally (so much).

Other things I want to collect with A are postcards and magnets from our travels.

Do you collect something? 


P.S. Although not my own, I've basically managed to create collections for both my parents by buying them cups and tequila shot glasses from wherever I travel to. I'll snap a pic of these next time I'm home.

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