Friday, June 24, 2016

Season of Choice

Day 15: Do you have a favorite season? what is it and why?

Without a doubt my favorite season is fall. 

Having grown up in a place where there are literally two seasons (hot and hotter), living in England for a year, then in Mexico City and now in Puebla, I long for the cooler weather, the ever changing colors of leafs, and of course, pumpkin spice latte season.

For me, the overall feeling of fall is all about coziness. It's the time to put away the tank tops and cover ups and bringing out the cardigans. It's the perfect time for hot drinks and reading by fireplaces under wool throws.

Although Halloween is not a Mexican tradition, it is celebrated by some people, NOT including me and A (not for my lack of trying). However I use the date as an excuse to eat candy (and pumpkin spice donuts!), watch scary movies and buy mini pumpkins.

We don't have Thanksgiving either, but when possible, we've adopted the idea of Friendsgiving (pumpkin pie!). Whether that happens or not, every year I take the time to reflect upon the things I'm most grateful for. Also, I like binge watching Friends Thanksgiving themed episodes.

As if those weren't enough how about the fact that by the time fall comes, it's a sign that Christmas is coming?! and the year is ending and it's all about the prospect of posibilities and change.

But ultimately, my friend Gabs said it better: 'What I like about fall, is the color of the clothes'.

What's your favorite season?


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Special Talents

Day 14: Do you have any special talents?

This is a really tough one. Ok, let's see...

  • I can copy things very accurately. As in drawing things I'm looking at.
  • I can sing. Not in a Christina Aguilera kind of way, but I've heard I don't suck.
  • I can retain information. I once worked on a book project (my pride and joy) which had over 2,450 images and I knew what each image was, the author of the project, the photographer and where the image came from. No Lexipedia, but still pretty good.
  • I can stay up (with no sleep) for a long time. When I was in college I was the only one in my group of friends who didn't need to take a nap when we would work after hours for a hand in.
  • I can do a British accent. I picked it up when in Sheffield but my Brit friends begged for it to stop ha!
  • I think I'm a good cook. As in, whatever I make tastes good, but I don't experiment too much.
  • I'm good with my hands: drawing, cutting, gluing and putting things together. I guess that's why I loved doing models for a living (as in the picture above).
No juggling, no musical talent whatsoever, no dancing number or any kind of sporting skills. 

In the personality test I took recently it showed that I have more of an introverted nature, so taking the spotlight, although something I can do, it's not exactly my cup of tea. Do any of these count as talents? A can guess how much we're paying in the supermarket every.single.time, that's like his special talent (one of them anyway). What's yours?


Words To Live By

Day 13: What is your favorite quote? Or a quote that means a lot to you?

I don't know if it's my favorite quote, but it's definitely top 5. It's from 'So Long Astoria' a song by The Ataris on their 'So Long Astoria' record, from 2003.

At some point this exact lyric was my ringtone and I remember it blasting during class, ahh, the memories :)

They have many, many other lyrics I really like that have meant different things to me throughout the years, but I think this one is pretty timeless.


P.S. I've posted a 'series' called 'RPQ' (Reflections on Pinterest Quotes) where I chose a quote that for some reason means something to me (or did at some point).

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Current Wheels

Day 12: What was your first car? What is your current vehicle?

My first and only car ever was my dad's 1990 gray Spirit (couldn't get a decent image). I remember I started using it by the time I got to high school and couldn't catch a ride with my neighbor to school anymore. I was the only one of my closest friends with a car so I'd pick up and drop off everyone every time we went out.

One of the greatest anecdotes from back then, was when we were going to the movie theater and parked in the mall across the street from it. This place closed at nine and we were out of the movies way passed that time. When we got to the parking, the security guard said we no longer could take the car because they had already written down a report on all the cars there and that they could only let me out if I showed them a ticket from a store from that mall (since we were actually at the mall across the street from that one, we didn't have a receipt). 

I absolutely freaked since I couldn't call my parents and so we all got in the car and drove as if we were leaving, headed to the exit. The car ahead of us did have a receipt and so they lifted a chain to let it out. As soon as the car left the place, I stepped on the accelerator and even though the guards tried to stop us by pulling the chain, they couldn't fight against the car's power and so they let it go, thus the chain hit the hood, the windshield, and then went over the top and back of the car, allowing us to exit escape that place.

The rush during this (probably five seconds) lasted for the rest of the night. I remember being terrified that they'd call the authorities to let them know we had escaped or something and that they'd call my house and tell on me, but that didn't happen and I never went back to that place, just in case. At least not on that car.

During my first year of college, I was driving to school and got hit by a car (nothing too bad) and most of the passenger side was dented. After that, the car began to deteriorate (it was fifteen years old after all) and we used it until it was pretty much useless :(

I also ocassionally used my mom's burgundy Jetta (can't remember what year that one was from) and eventually my dad got a Toyota Corolla (also gray) which I also got to ocassionally drive. However, neither of these cars ever felt as mine as the Spirit did.

One of our goals this year is to buy a car (the one pictured actually), but currently I mostly get around on Uber, unless I'm going somewhere near or that I know how to get to by bus, like Walmart, uni or the bank. 


Monday, June 13, 2016

Strengths & Weaknesses

Image via here.
Days 10 & 11: Name a few of your strengths and a few of your weaknesses.

I decided to 'merge' the challenges of these two days since they pretty much go together anyway (plus I'm behind).


  • Supportive. I strive for win-win situations and look to help everyone who might need me to do so.
  • Reliable. Even though I have a tendency to procrastinate and leave things to the last minute, I get things done at the highest standard and go beyond.
  • Imaginative. always have been.
  • Enthusiastic. I think this only applies with things I love or am passionate about.
  • Loyal/Hardworking. I tend to become (beyond) loyal and develop emotional attachments to the ideas/organizations that I work with for which I devote myself to.
  • Good practical skills. I tend to act more so than I tend to analyze something. In my mind, time spent trying to understand something really difficult is time wasted and as an architect with very tight deadlines you learn that it is better to go as fast as you can with the the things you understand and leave the rest for last.


  • Humble/Shy. I'm not one to go about screaming my accomplishments, I'm more one to downplay my success.
  • Take things personally. I (mistakingly) tend to carry professional conflict onto my personal life.
  • Repress feelings. In order to avoid awkward situations I tend to keep my mouth shut when something bothers me (although my attitude and behavior might scream otherwise).
  • Overload myself. Because I'm such a perfectionist, I don't always trust other people with things. I'm not confident delegating.  I believe that the only way to get things done right, is doing them myself.
  • Reluctant to change. I am a creature of habit, ergo, changes throw me off balance. That doesn't mean I can't adjust, but it takes time and a lot of effort.
  • Too altruistic. Since I'm one to avoid conflict, I end up offering myself for things I shouldn't and letting things (which I shouldn't) slide.

Ok, ok, I cheated. I actually took a personality test here and got these as my personalities' strengths and weaknesses, but boy are these true. I really did identified myself with everything my profile said about my personality, my relationships, career path and specially these. I strongly encourage you to take the test* and, as will I, start working towards better understanding yourself.


*This is NOT a sponsored post.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Five Things

Day 9: What is the thing you wish you were good at?

Here's five things I wish I was good at:

1. Sketching. I don't think I suck, but I definitely could be much better.

2. Being organized. I feel like my house is such a mess all the time (clothes and shoes everywhere except where they are supposed to be).

3. Sticking to things. Like this blog, for example. If it weren't for the #30daychallenge I'd probably wouldn't be writing this right now.

4. Dancing. A is a super good dancer and I'm basically Chandler Bing.

5. Networking. I feel like I suck. I had a job where I met really important people of my field all the time, and I never really knew how to take advantage of it. I'm just really awkward like that.

What things do you wish you were good at?


Guest Ready

Today (and because I'm hosting my bff this weekend), I'm sharing a list of the 10 staples A and I make a point to get from the store for when we have guests staying over. Gotta be ready!

We don't usually have most of these laying around the house all the time for safety reasons, but when other people are involved we like for them to have stuff to enjoy while we're hanging out at home (or just waiting until it's time to go out to eat again).

Here's our list of 10 f&b staples for when we are having guests over:

1. Assorted booze. We will chose this depending on who's coming over, but in this case there's red wine (Riunite's Lambrusco) and whiskey (Johny Walker's red label). We usually drink these at night before we head out to dinner.

2. Beer. Everyone in my family drinks different beer, so we also make it a point to get their favorites. The one pictured is A's favorite (XX Ámbar).

3. Dipping snack. Last time my bff was here she brought an incredible dip we couldn't find here where we live, so we got this one instead + Stacy's pita chips. We pretty much will eat this at any time.

4. Assorted salty snacks. These include some kind of chips (green Chip's), pretzels (Snyder's snaps) and peanuts (Hot Nuts). 

5. Desert drink. That would be a 'carajillo', which calls for Licor 43 + espresso shot. 

6. Ice cream. I'm pretty flexible on this front (as long as there's chocolate in there somewhere). Pictured is Holanda's Oreo flavor. This is more of a late night snack.

7. Cookies. Because what is ice cream without something extra? This time we got Oreo's but we like to change from time to time. We also snack on these in the morning (ice cream is optional).

8. Perrier. A just really likes it and it goes great with the whiskey.

9. Coca Cola. Obviously. At least we buy the really small cans so we don't drink so much of it.

10. Breakfast drink. Even if we have plans for breakfast out, we are prepared with white wine (Riunite's Bianco) + orange juice (Jumex's Unico Fresco).

What do you think? What are some of your entertaining food+beverage staples? 


Thursday, June 09, 2016

Sleeping Attire

Day 8: What do you wear to bed?

I honestly don't think people care about what I wear to bed (or really any of the other subjects I've been posting about), but in the spirit of achieving this challenge, I'm currently wearing this pj bottoms of sleeping polar bears (which was a Christmas gift from A) and a blue tank top (which was actually A's). Top is from Fruit of the Loom and bottoms are from Oysho.

So, no. Nothing uncomfortable sexy, and currently NOT sweatpants since the weather has been more on the warmer side.

What do you wear to bed?


Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Makes Me Smile

Day 7: Write about something that makes you smile

This was a no brainer!

Last December, some friends from Mexico City invited us to a dinner party at their apartment. The hosts cooked dinner and some of the guests brought appetizers and deserts (we brought wine and mezcal).

A's friend took out her Instax camera and snapped candid moments throughout the very pleasant evening, and that's how we got this jewel. No akward poses. No me telling A to hold me closer or tighter or anything of the sort. Just us, having fun. By the time the night ended, A asked his friend if he could keep the photo and she said yes (I think he would have taken it either way). 

We got home the next day and the photo was secured inside a notebook in my purse. A few days later A asked for it and I tracked it down and handed it to him. It was a huge surprise for me when I got home from work one day and saw that he had taken the photo, cropped it and put in on a small frame his brother had gotten us from a recent trip to Madrid and on his side of our office desk.

To think that he took the time of cropping it to make it fit in the frame and then put in on 'his desk'... It just melts my heart and I can't help but smile whenever I look over and see it there. 

What makes you smile (and your heart melt)?


Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Pet Love

Day 6: What animal would you like to have as a pet?

Growing up we only had one pet, a doberman pincher puppy we named Spanky (we had just seen 'The little rascals'). Spanky was really hyper and enjoyed biting pretty much everything he could find. We never took the time to train him and we rarely ever took him out for walks. Because he was a living tornado, he was tied in the garage during the day, and tied inside the house at nights. Although we loved him very much, I don't think we were able to show it properly. One day, his leash got lose and he ran away. My parents looked for him around the neighbourhood but couldn't find him and we were devastated. Thankfully, we later learned he was found and adopted by a wealthy family who took care of him and gave him a home where we could run around free without being tied. I think he was happy.

Many, and I mean many years later, A got a puppy Pug for my sister, who she named Camilo. I've written about him before on the blog. Since Camilo came into our lives, everyone in the family fell in love with the Pug breed, and it became clear that at some point both my brother and I would get a Pug as well.

Three years later, that time has come for me and A. In less than two weeks, we'll be getting our very own Pug puppy!!! (he is pictured above with my mom). For a long time now, my mom has been part of a Facebook page about Pugs that live in our hometown and they are constantly selling them or looking for pairings. This little guy had been advertised for a while now and my mom told me about him back then, but although A and I have been talking about getting one for a while now, I wasn't sure we were ready.

It was fate when my mom saw another publication on the page about this cutie and sent me pictures. I showed them to A and he said we should go for it. My mom contacted the owner and it turned out he was still available. I later learned that he had five other siblings who were adopted before him and I couldn't believe he hadn't been taken. The owner said he was waiting for us.

He will be two months old by the time we get him (the same as Camilo when Gaby got him) and we will bring him home from Veracruz. We are very excited to take on this adventure because neither of us have ever taken care of a puppy by ourselves. I know it will be a challenge but I honestly can't wait to have him here with us, completing our little soon to be family of three.

So, nothing extravagant for us (at least not yet, A really wants a Mexican hairless dog), just your good 'ole man's best friend.

What animal would you like to have as a pet?


Monday, June 06, 2016


Day 5: Do you collect anything?

'the act or process of getting things from different places and bringing them together to show or study them or as a hobby' (from the web version of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary)

According to the previous definition, I'd say I have two collections (for hobby):

Novelty car plates/metal signs
This collection started in the summer of 2005. I was working at Disney World at the time and had all sorts of theme park maps and memorabilia on my bedroom walls. One day I was at Universal Studios' City Walk and we went into Margaritaville. I had never heard that word in my life, didn't know it was a song or who Jimmy Buffett was, but I saw a metal sign which read 'Margaritaville Way' and loved the concept of the word. I guess I figured I could nail that to the wall over my very own house bar someday (that day still hasn't come). After I got that, I pretty much started scouting for other plates/signs and then got many of them from Disney Parks. 

Through the years and traveling I've done, I've been able to collect several more plates from different places like Montreal, Miami, NYC, Puerto Rico, Paris, London, Berlin and Dublin. Others I've got as presents from friends/family who know I collect them and one I got at a flea market in Puebla.

Funny thing about this collection: it is not displayed. For many years I didn't have the space to showcase it and now that I do, I just don't know where or how to do it. Not that it has stopped me from trying to visualize what it would look like :)

My guess is I will continue to collect plates and signs from wherever I travel and hopefully one day I'll have a game room or bar where I can display them.

In all honesty I don't know how this collection started but it is pretty clear to me why it did. I love writing. I have for a very long time and it makes sense to me to buy as many notebooks as possible. What doesn't make sense is that I have them, but I don't use them (nonsense, I know).

I think what appeals to me is the graphic value, the cover's designs, the aesthetic. They are all very pretty and not using them keeps them that way (IMO). If I were to carry them around with me, they'd get dirty or worse, LOST, which is why I rather keep them safe in a wire basket on a shelf in my living room.

They come in all sizes and colors. Some I've brought back from trips abroad, others from novelty shops, book stores, or museum gift shops (like my newest acquisition!). I love them all equally (so much).

Other things I want to collect with A are postcards and magnets from our travels.

Do you collect something? 


P.S. Although not my own, I've basically managed to create collections for both my parents by buying them cups and tequila shot glasses from wherever I travel to. I'll snap a pic of these next time I'm home.

Can't Live

Day 4: Who or what can't you live without? Explain why.

To be honest, I don't believe there are things or people you can't live without. I believe the only things you can't live without (literally) are food and water. I believe you can get used to pretty much anything, and that includes being without the people or the things you love.

That being said, there's plenty of things I like that I'd rather not live without, which include: Coca Cola, pasta, bread, and chocolate (healthy, I know); internet + something to use it (computer, tablet, phone), tv/movies and pen + paper.  As for people, I've learned to live without many people I love on a daily basis, living away from home and all, and that is just a part of life. 

And just in case you were wondering, that guy I'm kissing up there is A. I lived without him for 25 years, and then some, being on a LDR for the longest time. It's not that I can't live without him. It's just like what Meredith Grey said (told you, TV freak): 'I can live without you, but I don't ever want to.'

What do you think? Is there such a thing as (really) not being able to live without something/someone? 

Thanks for reading!


Friday, June 03, 2016

Inside My Bag

Day 3. What is inside your bag? 

I love big purses but I don't always fill them since I don't really carry a lot of items. I guess it really all depends on where I'm going/what I'm going to do and whether or not I'm going alone.

The list I've put together includes things I'd take if I was going on a day trip as a tourist or was just going to be out of the house for an extended period of time (I'd usually just carry a small crossbody bag with essentials if I was running errands)

All these things I'd carry in my gray nylon Le Pliege large tote by Longchamp (pictured), which is my favorite bag I own. I bought it on their Flagship store in Soho (designed by Thomas Heatherwick), on a trip to NYC with A in 2013. I divided what's pictured into three categories:

My essentials (can't leave the house without them)

1. House keys. The first thing I grab on the way out are the keys. Even if A is coming, I'm sort of 'in charge' of them. We have many keys for different locks of the house and they are pictured here on three different Adidas keychains (presents from my brother in law).

2. Spare change. If I'm going somewhere alone I might just take the bus so I try to carry spare change (not necessarily in my wallet)

3. Wallet. This one is brand new from Mango! Got it as a birthday treat for myself last month since the one I had before (which I had also got for myself on my last birthday) was stolen a few months back. 

4. Passport. I carry my passport everywhere cause you never know when Adventure might strike. Ha! I wish! I only carry it everywhere because since my wallet was stolen I have no other ID. The passport holder is an old one from Victoria's Secret.

5. Cell phone. Brand new iPhone SE which I got on my birthday. The old one was also stolen and my dad lend me his old one which I pretty much destroyed. The case is see through from Mobo. Depending on the occasion, I'll carry the earbuds and charger along.

Other picks I carry when I remember:

6. Sunnies. Imitation black Ray-Ban Classic Wayfarers (pictured are original Rayban Classic Wayfarers)

7. Notebook. I heard once that an architect should never go about without pencil and paper, so here it is. It's helpful whenever I need to write down addresses or names of places we want to try or just information about something I'm photographing at a museum or eating at a restaurant.

8. Pen. This one is my favorite and it's from Muji (sad face because we don't have Muji in Mexico).

9. Camera. It's a Nikon d3100, which we only carry when we know we'll be taking pictures (weekend getaways/museum trips/site visits), so not a day to day item.

10. Lip balm. This is the only 'make up' I carry, but again, it depends. Flavor is Summer Fruit by EOS.

11. A book. The one I've been reaching for a while now is 'Casa Collage' by Xavier Monteys. It's an essay about contemporary practices in housing (the editorial is GG) and I like that it is easily read and basically fits in all my small bags.

12. Snack bar. Since I'm supposed to be eating healthier, whenever I leave the house I try (but constantly forget) to bring a snack bar. I've tried many flavors and brands, and my current favorite is Quaker's Stila (any flavor).

13. Anti bacterial hand gel. Pictured and currently in use is Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea.

As requested by A:

14. Eye drops. For his red/dry eyes problems.

15. Hand cream. Pocket sized bottle of Nivea hand cream since we live in a pretty dry place.

16. Band aids. For uncomfortable shoes and the occasional cuts.

17. Candy. Usually Jolly Rancher squared shape hard candy, just because.

I feel like all these stuff say a lot about me, doesn't it? or is it just me? Anyway, what's in your bag?


P.S. Check what's in the bags of bloggers I follow here, here, and here.

Thursday, June 02, 2016

Names & Meanings

Day 2: What's your middle name and what's its significance?

First, I'd like to start by saying I do not have a middle name, which makes this challenge kind of pointless. However, I do have a name and thought it would be appropriate to just talk about that.

My full name is Griselda. I'm pretty sure I was named after my mother, whose name I share. Now I've heard a story from my mom* saying that she was named after the heroine of a book my grandfather was reading when my grandmother was pregnant with her. What book that was? God knows. I can only hope she was a strong female lead who fought and worked hard to pursue her dreams.

Heroine  (at least she was in said book)
German origin 'Grishild': the one that fights/battles  (well I do fight for my rights, so I guess that's not wrong)

Sociable, pleasant, entertaining, enjoyable and confident. (Is this true? tell me!)
Has great common sense and enjoys little things in life. (definitely true)
Is a great friend and cares/worries about others. (completely agree :)

Has an impatient mind, more of a director than a performer. (true)
Could stand out as a sales person, psychologist, researcher, writer, detective, traveler, stock broker or any occupation that requires handling money. (haha I suck at handling money!)

Lucky number: 1

Loves love, not for what it gives her, but for what it is <3 span="">
Likes having a steady relationship. (fo'sure)
Is loyal and sensitive.  (I've got references)

Famous/reknown people with this name:
Griselda: name of the shepherdess character that marries the king of Sicily ('Gualtiero') in Giovanni Boccaccio's 'Decameron' from 1350. (could this be the girl my mom was named after?)
Griselda: name of the female lead in the film 'Nazareno Cruz y el lobo' by Leonardo Flavio 
Griselda González: athlete. 'Is a retired female long-distance runner from Argentina. She twice won the Buenos Aires Marathon in her native country. She also represented Argentine twice (1992 and 1996) at the Summer Olympics, before switching nationality and competing for Spain.'**

I had never thought of googling the meaning of my name but it is nice to see that is something so cool. Also, can we talk about the fact that some of the attributes that describe the name actually match my personality? Do you think the name you're given (most like your birth date/zodiac sign) defines who you are? Sorry this just really blew my mind.

What's the meaning behind your name? Does it match with who you are? I'd love to know!


*I asked my mom again this morning about this story and she swears she never told it to me. But I could not have come up with it myself, could I? I'm pretty sure she just doesn't remember and if I did come up with it, good for me.
** Got this from Wikipedia

P.S. The information regarding the meaning of my name was gathered from various 'find the meaning of your name' websites.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

10 Songs

So… since I’m officially off duty in the teaching department, I thought it would be fun to do some sort of challenge here on the blog that would encourage me to write more and specifically, more often. This is very simple, I will write one post each day for 30 days. 

I had read about this sort of challenges for a while, but never thought I had the time to actually do them, at least not until now, so without further ado, here it goes.

Day 1: Put your iPod* on shuffle. List the first 10 songs that play and how you feel about them.
Disclaimer: I have to say that my music library consists solely of songs from the 90’s and until around 2010, with the occasional oldie and the even stranger new hit.

1. 'Deep in my heart' by Britney Spears. This is embarrassing, probably not the greatest way to start, but it is what it is. Most Britney songs remind me of my junior high days and sleepovers with my friends. I actually remember the very first time I heard Britney’s first album (which includes this song). It was not a single but I like that it’s catchy (and cheesy). 
Favorite line: (chorus, what a surprise) Deep in my heart I know there’s only you and right from the start I always knew. I never let go ‘cause I love you so. Ooh I want you for the rest of my life.
Dedicated to: A <3 font="">

2. 'Lifestyle of the rich and famous' by Good Charlotte. My love for punk-rock music should not be a surprise. I even wrote a post about this very topic not too long ago. GC reminds me of high school, when I met new friends who were also into this type of music, when I briefly joined a band and went to more Battle of the Bands events than I can remember. 
Favorite line: Always see it on TV or read it in the magazines, celebrities want sympathy. All they do is piss and moan inside the Rolling Stone, talkin’ about how hard life can be… (mo money mo problems!)
Dedicated to: many people actually come to mind, but I rather not say.

3. 'November Rain' by Guns N Roses. This is probably the only NOT embarrassing song I got. I’m not really a Guns N Roses fan, but got into them because my friends from junior high had a band and played many of their songs (plus they are classic). This song is really sad, but it reminds me of my brother who is a big fan.
Favorite line: And when your fears subside and shadows still remain, I know that you can love me when there's no one left to blame. So never mind the darkness, we still can find a way 'cause nothin' lasts forever, even cold November rain.

4. 'No te pido flores' by Fanny Lu. (I’m not asking for flowers would be the translation for this song). This is a good one in the sense that is actually the response to a song previously written by the male counterpart in which he sends her flowers. The song reminds me of nights out in my hometown with girlfriends where the live band would play both the songs and we would sing and dance away.
Favorite line: Yo sólo quiero que me digas que no hay mujer que más admiras (I only want you to tell me that there’s no other woman you admire most’.

5. 'So Long Sweet Summer' by Dashboard Confessional. Any song with the word ‘summer’ in it, automatically becomes attached to my summer at Disney and this one is no exception. It’s a specially sadder song since it’s about good byes and stuff, but not less catchy.
Favorite line: Hey thanks, thanks for that summer…
Dedicated to: my Disney friends <3 font="">

6. 'That Power' by Will.I.Am feat. Justin Beaver. After every other song that played before, I’m surprised this one popped out. Not the kind of music I usually listen to, but it reminds me of the time I spent in Sheffield studying (and going on nights out with other Mexican friends and international students), Viva la Fiesta and Embrace.
Favorite line: And oh, I'm alive, I'm alive, I'm alive. And I'm loving every second, minute, hour, bigger, better, stronger power
Dedicated to: the girls from Sustainable Studies

7. 'Fly' by Nicki Minaj feat. Rihanna. Also not my type of music, but I think I heard it on Glee and liked it, so I looked it up. I really love the message of the song and its empowerment of women, which is no surprise that my favorite part is actually the chorus.
Favorite line: I came to win, to fight, to conquer, to thrive. I came to win, to survive, to prosper, to rise. To fly
Dedicated to: every woman ever

8. 'I Wish You Were Here' by Incubus. This song takes me back to high school too when I got really into Incubus. I even went to a concert once when I was visiting friends/attending a conference in Monterrey, plus Brandon Boyd (heart eyes emoji).
Favorite line: I'm counting ufo's. I signal them with my lighter and in this moment i am happy, happy.
Dedicated to: my former best friend

9. 'Ven a Ver' by Byron. This song could not be more appropriate. It’s a song about my hometown, sung by a local performer (who happened to play most nights at my favorite night club back home). The tittle also has a double meaning as it could be ‘Come to see’ as well as ‘Come to Ver’ which is short for Veracruz, my hometown.
Favorite line: Veracruz, quisiera darte una canción con música de Agustínn Lara y con letra del poeta Díaz Mirón (Veracruz, I’d like to give you a song with music from Agustín Lara and lyrics from the poet, Díaz Mirón)
Dedicated to: Jarochos, everywhere

10. 'Forever and Always' by Taylor Swift. Of all the TS songs I could not have gotten ‘Welcome to NY’ or something cooler than this?… well, again pretty lame, but this song reminds me of a time before A, when I was doing pretty bad (pathetic) in the romance department. I guess it’s just one of those songs you scream at the top of your lungs when you feel hurt and you wish he was listening (or maybe not really).
Favorite line: ‘Cause I was there when you said forever and always. You didn’t mean it, baby!
Dedicated to: those guys before THE ONE

Well this was fun! 
Have you ever done this?
Try it and let me know? I’d love to read.


*My iPhone has only two artists on it for the time being, so I thought I'd cheat and use my iTunes library on the laptop instead.