Thursday, June 02, 2016

Names & Meanings

Day 2: What's your middle name and what's its significance?

First, I'd like to start by saying I do not have a middle name, which makes this challenge kind of pointless. However, I do have a name and thought it would be appropriate to just talk about that.

My full name is Griselda. I'm pretty sure I was named after my mother, whose name I share. Now I've heard a story from my mom* saying that she was named after the heroine of a book my grandfather was reading when my grandmother was pregnant with her. What book that was? God knows. I can only hope she was a strong female lead who fought and worked hard to pursue her dreams.

Heroine  (at least she was in said book)
German origin 'Grishild': the one that fights/battles  (well I do fight for my rights, so I guess that's not wrong)

Sociable, pleasant, entertaining, enjoyable and confident. (Is this true? tell me!)
Has great common sense and enjoys little things in life. (definitely true)
Is a great friend and cares/worries about others. (completely agree :)

Has an impatient mind, more of a director than a performer. (true)
Could stand out as a sales person, psychologist, researcher, writer, detective, traveler, stock broker or any occupation that requires handling money. (haha I suck at handling money!)

Lucky number: 1

Loves love, not for what it gives her, but for what it is <3 span="">
Likes having a steady relationship. (fo'sure)
Is loyal and sensitive.  (I've got references)

Famous/reknown people with this name:
Griselda: name of the shepherdess character that marries the king of Sicily ('Gualtiero') in Giovanni Boccaccio's 'Decameron' from 1350. (could this be the girl my mom was named after?)
Griselda: name of the female lead in the film 'Nazareno Cruz y el lobo' by Leonardo Flavio 
Griselda Gonz├ílez: athlete. 'Is a retired female long-distance runner from Argentina. She twice won the Buenos Aires Marathon in her native country. She also represented Argentine twice (1992 and 1996) at the Summer Olympics, before switching nationality and competing for Spain.'**

I had never thought of googling the meaning of my name but it is nice to see that is something so cool. Also, can we talk about the fact that some of the attributes that describe the name actually match my personality? Do you think the name you're given (most like your birth date/zodiac sign) defines who you are? Sorry this just really blew my mind.

What's the meaning behind your name? Does it match with who you are? I'd love to know!


*I asked my mom again this morning about this story and she swears she never told it to me. But I could not have come up with it myself, could I? I'm pretty sure she just doesn't remember and if I did come up with it, good for me.
** Got this from Wikipedia

P.S. The information regarding the meaning of my name was gathered from various 'find the meaning of your name' websites.

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