Thursday, July 07, 2016

One Day...

Day 20: Where would you like to visit or live one day..?

One day I'd love to live in New York City. I think A would agree with my answer. We did meet there after all. We've been there once more since and have made it a point to visit at least once every five years. 

A actually disagrees with that last part there because if it were for him, we'd go once a year. It is such an evolving place that even if you went there twice a year, it would be different and that's kind of why we love it so much.

The thing with NY is... it has EVERYTHING

A gourmet market in the heart of Chelsea
Frank Lloyd Wright's Guggenheim Museum
The center of the universe, Times Square
Central Park
It's just the kind of place where I don't think you could ever be bored. There's always something happening, more restaurants than you could ever eat at, a lot of great museums and many places near enough for day trips and/or long weekends. Broadway/Times Square, Central Park, the Yankees, you get the picture. Plus it has got to be one of the most multicultural places in the world which is awesome.

And the architecture? for geeks like us, it's paradise. But maybe I'll write a whole other post about that.

So, yeah. Without a doubt, this would be THE place where I'd love to live one day, even if just for a year or so. What place would you like to visit or live in one day?


ps. NYC cover image via here. All other images were taken by me.

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