Tuesday, February 03, 2015

December Daily Recap Part 2

So apparently I totally failed the #decemberdaily challenge, even under my own rules. In my defense, I was traveling when it started but I didn't want all my photos to be about that... and then I got home and had nothing to interest to photograph, and then it was already Christmas Eve...

So anyway, continuing with last weekend's post (part 1), here's the next and final part of the #decemberdaily challenge.

9. A&G. I'm obsessed with giant letters and ampersands. Actually, one of the things on my Christmas wishlist were these at Urban Outfitters, but apparently they've decided to sell online everything I want. I found (yet didn't buy) these at Hobby Lobby which is now my most favorite store in the whole world.

10. Christmas decor. There's a chance EVERYTHING is prettier in December. The lights, the colors, the weather... I loved finding beautiful decorations all around, like these at the Shops at La Cantera in San Antonio. Having free hot chocolate and brownies at William Sonoma, wasn't so bad either.

11. Mercado del Carmen. Back home in Mexico, but not quite at home yet. I had to travel to Mexico City to deal with some procedures to get an important document. Lucky for me, this place was very near by and I got to visit it and eat the most delicious treat ever (vegan Nutella stuffed chocolate chip cookie, anyone?).

12. Goodies from Texas. Everytime I go anywhere, I try to bring back 'souvenirs'. Sometimes it's a mug, a tequila shot glass, and a plate from that place. Others, is cookies, peanut butter stuffed m&m's, magnets, and monogrammed Christmas ornaments. At least this time.

13. Early Christmas presents from me to me. I have been a fan of these ladies and this lady for a long time time. I visit their blogs everyday and in a way, reading them has inspired me in many ways. I couldn't wait to get my hands on their books and now I can't wait to recreate EVERYTHING on them.

14. Pancake bar breakfast at home. I'm the biggest pancake fan in the world, and since I can never make up my mind on what to put on them, I usually make a lot of small ones and then I can eat at least one with each spread and toping I like. Also, I had my best friend visiting that weekend and did not eat all those pancakes myself.

15. Celebrity Bffs. Celebrities have bffs just like us mortals, and I saw the photo of Emma Stone and Taylor Swift and had to send it to my own bff as she's bffs with Emma Stone (in her imagination) and I love T.S. So naturally when she came to visit over the weekend we had to recreate said photo (not very successfully). In our defense, A does not have the patience to put up with this kind of girl crap. *Also, this is what we call 'How you think you look/How you actually look'.

16. 23 de Jordan.  So, this is a long story for another time, but basically, every 23rd, I post a photo of a 23 on Instagram, as it is A & mine anniversary. I took this photo at Hobby Lobby in San Antonio and thought would be perfect for the December edition. 

So that's all... and hopefully next year I'll be able to do a better job with this challenge.


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