Friday, February 06, 2015

RPQ: On Abundance...

When I was studying in Sheffield I had a class called RAD (Reflections on Architectural Design). It was my favorite by far. In it, our tutor would ask really basic questions about architecture, and we always had trouble answering them, despite the fact that we dealt with many of those things everyday. But we were suppose to reflect... and elaborate... and talk about those things amongst one another.

This post, and hopefully many to follow (from time to time) is meant to pay some kind of homage to that master's class, except, I'm not reflecting on architectural design.

I've always been one to believe in fate and destiny and signs, and as such, it happens to me a lot that whenever I'm going through something, I find an image with a quote that enlightens me and speaks to me in a moment of self doubt and anxiety. So... I thought I'd talk about it in case anyone else was feeling the same way...

Truth be told, the last few months have been very hard. I found myself without a job and spending a lot of money on my move and well, getting necessary stuff for our new home. And now, even though I'm working, I'm still struggling financially. 

I read once that we send our thoughts out to the universe, but I realized that I'm constantly thinking 'I'm broke', 'I have no money' and so on, therefore, sending out negative thoughts. Today when I was browsing Pinterest I came across this quote and saved it onto my 'Words of Wisdom' board and decided it sha'll become my new mantra from now on.

Everyday I'm thankful for what I have and mostly for the people in my life. But it hadn't occured to me, to be grateful in advance for whatever is coming. You can bet that I won't make that mistake ever again. 

Are you grateful for what is on it's way to you?


* I found the image on Pinterest, but it is originally from this site (also, the address is on the image itself)

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