Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sisters Weekend

A few weeks ago I wrote that my sisters and nieces were visiting us in Puebla for the long weekend. We hadn't been together in a looong time and had a blast touring and eating and plainly having fun.

They both arrived (separately) on saturday afternoon, so we took it pretty easy that night just taking them near by for dessert & dinner (in that order). We planned for breakfast / brunch / lunch for sunday at a recently discovered new favorite close to the city center, which we then visited despite the little ones' objections.

We walked the Barrio del artista, el Parián, Plazuela de los Sapos, the Zócalo and the Cathedral. Had a drink at the rooftop terrace of the Amparo Museum and took a lot of pictures in between. We couldn't visit the rooftop terrace of La Purificadora (another favorite) because they had an event, but thought we would just hit it next time they visit.

The Superbowl was the last thing in our minds, but we did get to see a bit of Katy Perry's performance and LOL at all the memes surrounding it. Probably the only Super Bowl thing about our weekend was our sunday night dinner: wings, onion rings, fries and beer (not for the kids).

My favorite part of the weekend was not photographed, but I guess that’s how it is. Playing board games with my favorite people in the world. And repeatedly listening to T.S. 'Blank Space'. And singing out loud Luis Miguel's greatest hits. And having Michelle take our pictures with funny faces and watch her turn those into the funniest christmas elfs video in history. Epic. Watching A play with Michelle early in the morning before the rest of the clan woke up, wasn’t so bad either. 


Katy Perry meme, from here.

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