Friday, January 30, 2015

Proud Girlfriend

Originally I had planned (pause for shock, yes, I actually planned something for this blog) another post for today, but then, last night, the most amazing thing in the world happened.

I mentioned recently that A and I like to go out at least once a week for coffee or whatever, to get out of the weekday rut. Well, this week, he got invited to a little event at his friends restaurant and because we hadn't done the night out thing in a while, and yesterday we got really great news, we decided we'd go and celebrate. So, I put on a dress and off we went.

It was a mezcal tasting/art exhibit opening at the place, so we tasted mezcal, look at the exhibit and even got to talk to the artist about his work, which we found really inspiring. We also tried EVERYTHING on the dinner menu (I'm not even joking, but more on that coming soon).

By the time we were having desert (the most deliciosly decadent chocolate fondant thing you've ever tasted, which btw has to be eaten while still hot), A's friend interrupted us and it went something like this:

Ana: I'm sorry, I know you're in the middle of your dinner but I just told my friends who Adolfo was and they insisted in meeting him.


This was without a doubt the most amazing thing ever. Except my dessert got cold. Just kidding. Best night ever.

A is an architect like me, but a real one. He has worked in like, important places and has managed to gain the love of enough people that immediately recomends him when asked for an architect, and the trust of a few happy clients (like the girl whose restaurant's we were in). And last night, when these two friends of hers (one of whom was also an architect and the artist opening his exhibit last night) knew A was one of the people responsible for a specific project*, they wanted to meet him, and aknowledge that he (and the rest of the team he works with) was doing a brilliant job. They told him they were big fans of his work (which he immediately refered to as a team work) and asked if he would be interested in doing things together (architecture, of course). The girl even said I should hurry to tie the knot with him or else and I was like 'Sister, that ship has sailed.'

I'm so proud of A. Last night we were actually celebrating that he just got a green light for another project, which is amazing! And then, THIS happened. It just goes to show that hard work, dedication and a passion for what you do, truly pay off.

I'm looking forward to celebrating this long weekend. My two sisters and nieces are coming to town and we couldn't be more excited to recieve them at home and show them around (and eat all of our meals out). 

Have a great weekend!


*Nducha is a residential project designed by Omelette, a design firm of which A was part of while he lived in Mexico City.

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