Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Man's Best Friend

This is the story of how a little pug puppy changed our lives forever.

My sister Gaby told me once how she had dreamed that she had a Pug and that his name was Camilo. I don't know why, but I mentioned this to A once. Time went by, can't really tell how much of it, but one day, A told me he had a friend from college who raised Pugs and that he wanted to surprise my sister with her dream pup, Camilo.

I was the one surprised because: 1. he remembered, and 2. he literally wanted to make Gaby's dream come true (I know, best brother in law EVER). Next thing we knew, he was asking my parents for permission to do so, as we both knew a puppy was a big responsibility and my parents had to be ok with it because well, Camilo would be living at their house.

At first, my dad was opposed to the idea because he didn't think my sister would take care of the puppy, and that he and my mom would be 'stuck' taking care of it and financially in charge. Nonetheless, they agreed, and the whole family waited until it was time for the new member of the family to be delivered.

Camilo stole everyone's heart from the minute he was dropped off. He was only two months old at the time and really tiny. He had (and still has) the cutest face a pug can have. He has brought joy and laughter and infinite happiness to my childhood home and everybody adores him. He's the funniest little pup we could have hoped for and everyday I'm thankful for having him (even though I don't get to see him that much).

I think my parents love him the most. Camilo sleeps with them and wakes them up everyday around 6 am to be taken out. He naps all day long in my mom's lap and waits impatiently for my dad to get home so he'll go out once again. When my parents go away, he gets so sad he doesn't eat, and it's so spoiled, he'll only eat if he's fed by hand. On those nights, he stands at the foot of the bed looking at the door, as if waiting for them to come home.

My dad says Camilo has changed his life and has helped him stay fit and healthy because he's now working out every morning after taking him out. My mom is happier and feels less lonely as she's always with Camilo. And although he can be annoying at times (he's a biter), he's the funniest, sweetest, most adorable creature and we all love him very very much. He's also a kisser.

He's about to turn 2 years old next month, but he's still very much a pup. Watching him grow and become what he is today has been a fun ride. He's so smart and caring. Last weekend when my parents were visiting A and me in Puebla, Gaby was in charge of taking him out, but since she's more of a night owl than a morning person, instead of waking her up at 6 am, Camilo slept in with her until noon. He's just the best that way.

It had never ocurred to me to have a pet pug and now I can't imagine my life without Camilo. The hardest part about leaving home when I visit, is saying goodbye to him. Do you have a puppy/pet you also adore? Last Friday was #LoveYourPetDay (tag your photos on Instagram!) but just like all the other family loving related holidays, we should love our pets every day. We sure do!


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