Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Make Your Own 2015 Calendar

I've always been obsessed with planners and calendars. Even when I was younger and had nothing cool to write down on them, I'd still buy one in December/January and excitedly fill it out throughout the year.

Today I'm showing you a little project I did back in 2011 for A, when we were doing the long distance thing, across the world edition (A was working in Mexico City and I was studying in Sheffield, England).  I bought this DIY calendar in a little shop in Madrid when I was visiting friends over Christmas break and I thought it would be the greatest present for A. I immediately started thinking of ways to personalize it as it is really hard for me to find a calendar I like (they're all about kitties, cars and ugly landscape photos).

I don't think you necessarily need to buy it, you can definitely buy the supplies and make it yourself. You'd need:

14 sheets of  a thick card stock (1 for each month and 2 for the covers)
A glue of your choice (I used glue sticks)
A bunch of printed photographs (This number can vary depending on your design)
Pens/markers and a ruler to draw the grid/numbers/months/etc...

The calendar I bought was pretty standard: half of each page was blank for you to fill and the other one had the monthly display, and a small section for notes. Now because my calendar was a gift for A and we weren't seeing each other for pretty much the whole year, it is filled with pictures of us (obviously). We had only been dating for four months when I left for Sheffield but we had managed to take an incredible amount of photos together. Here's what I did:

First of all, I chose my favorite 12 photos. I didn't want the calendar to be just images of us, so, for each photo of us, I looked for other photos of details of the day the photo was taken (e.g. the place we were in, something we ate or drank, etcetera). And so, each page had a different composition, according to the images I found for it.

Secondly, I edited all the photos. Back then I believe I used Picnik and basically just filtered all of them in different colors (at different scales) to (kinda) match each other and used the HDR effect (which looking back, wasn't probably the best choice). I also typed a phrase over each photo with the theme of "long distance relationships/love" because, well duh.

I sent the photos out to print at some local pharmacy, picked them up a day later and got to work! I also wrote the phrase on the note part of each month in case it wasn't completely visible over the photo.

Finally, I wrote things all over the calendar. I marked our anniversary each month, scribbled some of the things I had planned throughout the year, and glued little birthday cakes on important birthdays for us (our parents and siblings, best friends and ours). I even included some more of those so he could glue them on other birthdays I didn't know about (he never did).

As for the covers, I edited a bunch of photos specifically of details of all of our time together, things that meant something for us (on the front cover) and things that had reminded me of A while being away (on the back cover). I didn't change their colors, just used the HDR effect again and made them all squares (like instagram photos). Instead of printing these as photographs, I made a custom sheet format on Photoshop with all the photos, printed that on a sheet of paper and glued it to the calendar.

It was really fun doing this project and it reminded me how much I loved (and still do) A and how much fun we had (and still do) together. It helped me miss him a little less and distract me from the winter blues (it gets REALLY cold up there you guys). 

The best part about this project is that you can personalize it completely! It doesn't have to be romantic, you can make one of your family or friends, or any other interest of yours. Do you think you will give it a try? What woud you make your calendar of? Let me know if you do!


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