Thursday, February 26, 2015

24 Hours In The City

When a couple weeks ago my sisters came to visit, one of them stayed longer so that we both could go to Mexito City, each for her own business. I needed to pick an official document and my sister was going for an interview (more on that soon).

We arrived late afternoon and headed to our hostel. A and I had stayed there before and loved it. It is very well located in the midst of the City Center and within walking distanceof many transportation services and local attractions. Right after dropping our bags, we walked down Madero Avenue and headed to Bellas Artes. We had tacos al pastor for dinner at Salón Corona, right on Madero Avenue.

The next morning we headed to Altavista for Gaby's interview at Restaurante San Ángel Inn. After staying longer than I should have with her and her new aspiring cast member peeps, I went on to get my document, not far from there. By the time I got it and was heading back to meet up with Gaby, she was out of her interview.

We met at Starbucks right next door and after she told me how she nailed her interview, we went ahead and toured Diego Rivera's House and Study, right there in Altavista. It is definitely my favorite place in the city. It is the house where Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo lived after returning from a long stay in the US, a functionalist house designed by Mexican architect Juan O'Gorman.

Our trip finished with a meal at my favorite pizza place in the city. It is located in the border of Colonias Roma and Condesa, right around the block from where I used to live. We had bbq wings and a medium pizza, half Apolo ( chilorio + avocado ), half Ranchera ( beans + chorizo + tomato + avocado ). We also stopped at one of my favorite coffee places to get these almond rolls my mom really likes.

Back at the hostel, while Gaby picked up our bags I went up and got macaroons from the bakery*. Oh, yeah, and we headed up to the rooftop terrace where I took many photos of Gaby, none of which she was pleased with. 

It was 24 hours well spent.


* One of the greatest things of the hostel is that it's located within the most beautiful old building of the historic center, which also houses a boutique hotel, restaurants, cafes and designer shops, to name a few.

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