Thursday, February 05, 2015

Texas In Iphone Photos

Last week I shared some pictures from my trip to Laredo + San Antonio back in December. Here's the another bunch, taken with my phone during our stay.

You can see other photos from my trip in earlier posts.

Photos include:
Iconic North Star Mall Cowbow boots. Welcoming homemade chili / B&J Peanut Butter World ice cream. A crochet (?) quote display on Raquel's office window. My mom in Raquel's Mexican Style kitchen. American snacks for the roadtrip to San Antonio. Mom and me outside Anthropologie at La Cantera. Menu / signage at India Palace where we had lunch. Downtown San Antonio / Ice cream at The Alamo. River Walk at night / day. Breakfast at The Egg & I: french toast / eggs Benedict. Tile wall at an old building in downtown SA. SIP coffee shop. The Rivercenter Mall. Mom and me at the Rivercenter Mall. Raquel's vintage perfume bottle collection / miniature shoe collection. A book featuring Raquel's work. My drinking and reading choices for the flight back home.


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