Sunday, May 31, 2015

My May

I've been a little off the grid the past month. Truth be told I've felt a little uninspired. Also, I had finals and had to go to the uni a lot: for grading, for reviews and other academic commitments. I've been going to Veracruz and Mexico City. My cousin gave a me a 'key' to American Netflix, so... there's that (Thanks JR!).

So I've made a roundup of May events to show you what I've been up to. Here we go.

My BFF Wedding
One of my oldest friends got married at the begining of May, so naturally, A and I had went on the road to be there for her and Ale (her husband). The ceremony was lovely with them both coming up with their own vows (which isn't traditional at all in Mexico) and the whole place was decorated in a vintage style, which I loved. It was also a great time for us to catch up with my other bff who was moving to India a few days later to reunite with her future husband. Love was all around.

My birthday
This year I turned 30 (!!!) and got the royal treatment by A. Because we live far from our loved ones, he made sure my day was all sorts of special. He surprised me the night before with a gift certificate for a Spa Session at La Purificadora. He delivered flowers when I was away so that I'd be surprised by the time I got home. He bought me a beautiful present and took me to dinner somewhere we had been wanting to go in the longest time. He sure knows the way to my heart. I also celebrated with my friends on Saturday night with dinner at a new Chinese spot in Veracruz.

Mother's Day
For mother's day weekend (right after my birthday) we went home to be with our moms. My family celebrated with a small gathering at my aunt's house where some of the family was reunited for all sorts of take out and deserts.

Final Review
The semester ended and I had my students making maquettes of houses (their own design). Some were really good, while others didn't live up to my standards, but lucky for them, no one failed.

Anniversary Weekend in Mexico City
For our 5 year aniversary, A and I went to Mexico City. It was very short notice, so we couldn't get a room in our usual spot, but went with Gabs' recomendation for the second time. We treated A's brother to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate he's going to Chile for the Copa América (soccer) for work, and our aniversary at a spot we had been before in La Roma (I was bummed because they changed the menu and were no longer serving what I was hoping to eat). My bro in law got us a pair of Adidas Superstars and got me a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost for the gym, as a birthday present. On Sunday we walked to the Alameda to have breakfast at Hotel de Cortés, then to the Franz Mayer Museum and finally to Bellas Artes for a couple of expos we wanted to check out. Afterwards, we headed to Polanquito to La Lonja (which was kind of a disapointment as it was too small), got a cupcake at the new Magnolia Bakery and had lunch at Bello Puerto. It was a short but sweet trip.

Now that the semester is finally over, I'll have some more free time to craft around and hopefully write more. I'm looking forward to going home next weekend to surprise my parents and celebrate my brother's birthday and maybe even stay there for a week or so to catch up with friends and soak in my entire family before we are split again when Gaby goes to Orlando in July and Jorge returns to Playa del Carmen at the end of the week.

Hope your month was equally nice, and bring it on June!


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