Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Disappearing Act

Back in June I started working at an office that is full time dedicated to build architecture scale models (dream come true), but ever since then, work has completely taken over my life. At first it was great having purpose, as with my previous work situation I had pretty much free time all the time, so coming to an office gave me an excuse to get up early in the morning and well, get out of the house.

But it seems as though as all I do is work ALL THE TIME. It is kind of my fault of course, since I agreed to also teach, not one, but two (which eventually became three) classes this semester, which leaves basically no free time for anything at all. Seriously, a week has gone by without me seeing A except when one of us is half asleep. 

See, the worst part is I actually love my jobs. I love making models and furthermore, I'm learning so much. Last semester I was teaching a class about model making, but after working here I've come to realize I knew nothing. But I'm getting there. I also love teaching. I love it when I'm explaining something and my students nod their heads as it hits them... which may not be reflected on their evaluations, but anyway...

So, yes, I'm tired ALL THE TIME, I get pretty much little to no sleep most nights (even weekends) and truth be told, it's come to a point where I'm so tired I have no sense of ... well, anything. Funny story, I mixed the dates of an event A and I were to go in Mexico City and we ended up traveling a month in advance and finding out nothing was going on... at least not that month. So, there's that. And there's also the fact that I get to see nothing of someone I live with, and it's been hard, of course.

Which brings me to this very post. I've been a-wall from the blogsphere in the past months. It felt ok at first as I wasn't very inspired for a while there, but lately I've been feeling frustrated as I've thought of  many things to write about that I have no time for. I guess there's always next summer, fall, winter, etcetera.

Luckily, the semester is about to end (only three more weeks!) and that will at least give me a few extra hours to procrastinate online, that is if some of our clients don't decide they need three identical models for New Years Eve, which I'm hoping to spend in Playa del Carmen with my family.

Life is what happens while I'm sanding MDF pieces.

Happy Fall!


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