Saturday, April 18, 2015

Moving Update

This has got to be the longest moving in history, I know it definitely is for me.

WARNING: Brace yourself for a lot of text and no images.

We were supposed to move in by the first of April. We got the keys a little earlier so that we could start moving things around and we did, but we didn't want to move everything as we wanted to get everything ready before actually moving, that is cable, internet, etc. So basically, we've been living in two houses since the end of March, with most of A's clothes, many of the kitchen supplies, all of our books and part of our furniture in the new house, while the TV and our bed, along with kitchen essentials (a bowl, a plate, a glass and silverware for each of us) and a few other pieces have remained in the old one.

Let me tell you, in case it is not obvious, it is a complete hassle. The distance is not a problem as the houses are pretty much right next to each other, but I'm tired and can't wait to just live in one place where I can find EVERYTHING. I wanted to make eggs the other day for breakfast, but the oil and salt were at the new house, so I had a bowl of cereal instead (with no sugar as the sugar was of course at the new house too).

We deal with a lot of issues when it comes to water in the area, so, while the new house has perfect water pressure, it didn't have gas to heat it up or start cooking there. Meanwhile, the old house had a full tank of gas, but no water pressure whatsoever. I feel like we've been living in the opposite of civilization. Seriously, I don't know how people can live without what I consider to be basic services.

The moving hadn't happened because we didn't have gas or internet. I know these may not be good enough reasons not to move, but because we were able to stay longer in the old house, we thought we'd wait until everything was ready. We just didn't think it would take this long. Today, after almost 30 days of having requested the change of address for Internet and phone services, we finally got it installed in the new house. It was the last service we needed before moving. 

Also, we had been dealing with gas issues because the house came without a tank, and the installation was ready for a different type of gas which required us to make a new contract in our name and we needed a letter from the landlord in order to get that done. I had given up on the idea of switching back the installation as we were told it was too much trouble, but A brought in one of the plumbers he works with and he fixed everything like it was no big deal. Heavens, we have gas! It was the happiest day!

The wiring for cable had already been installed so that when we moved we could just plug in our old box and we'd be set. Still, we aren't moving yet, as the fridge, our bed and mounted TV are still at the old house (which now has no internet). 

A good thing about the fact that we haven't moved yet, is that we got the house repainted. It was recently painted by the landlord, but being the picky people we are who also happen to be architects, we didn't like the color, so we brought in people to paint it the way we wanted (before and after post coming soon!). I'm very happy with how it turned out and can't wait to start hanging things around.

We are definitely moving sometime next week, as soon as we get the remaining things in the new house. Only (close to) a month after we were supposed to! Can't even express how thrilled I am about starting (yet again) a new life in (yet another) new house. This one feels more adultsy somehow. No more paper lamps, an actual dining room (which we can't wait to reupholster)... things are getting better for us and we couldn't be happier.

Thanks for letting me share!


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