Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Finding My Personal Style

Fashion has never been an interest of mine. I don't follow trends (metallic sweatshirt, anyone?) and I don't shop seasonally. In fact, most of the clothes I own I've had for years. I'm the type of person who'll go shopping for outfits on special occasions like birthdays or Christmas, or that will buy a bunch of clothes and then wait to wear them 'on a special occasion'. 

I first discovered fashion blogs like College Fashion while looking for outfit ideas for rainy days (this was before Pinterest even existed). Although I wasn't a college student anymore, everything I was reading on that site inspired me: I loved reading posts about dressing for interviews, for music festivals, date nights, etc. It was my go-to site for fashion inspiration (then again, before Pinterest). After years of following the blog, I took on several fashion challenges and documented them on instagram* and my old blog (written in Spanish).

Although it was fun (and challenging indeed), trying out such different styles to fulfill each particular challenge, made me realize what suits me better and I find myself most comfortable in, it helped me find my personal style. 

I had always consider my style to be comfy and casual. Ever since secondary school and all through high school and college, my uniform or go-to look consisted of jeans and a graphic tee with either sneakers or flip flops, sometimes ballet flats and polos if I was supposed to be a little more dressed up. However, there comes a point when wearing tees that read 'fast and easy' or 'dr. McDreamy makes me steamy' is no longer appropriate.

Whether I care to admit it or not, I'm way passed that point, but looking through my closet, graphic tees (many of which have inappropriate slogans across the chest) represent about 85% (if not more) of my wardrobe. It had not bothered me before, since lucky for me, my places of work were never too formal (and I was conscious enough not to wear that kind of clothes to work). But as I'm growing older (and wiser) I've felt the need to de-clutter and renew my wardrobe with some (age) appropriate pieces that I love, instead of cheap impulse buys. Quality over quantity.

I think it is only natural to develop a personal style over time, which will naturally evolve as one grows up. These days I find myself most comfortable wearing neutrals (black, white, gray, tan and navy) with occasional pops of color, depending on the season. Also, I have learned that certain shapes do not favor my body type so I've chosen to stay away from those (A line skirts, I'm looking at you). So skinny jeans and lose, flowy tops it is for me!

How would you define your style? Do you have an uniform/go-t0 look? 


* use the hashtag #reallifefashionchallenge on Instagram to see my outfits.

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