Thursday, March 26, 2015

It's Never Too Late

Yesterday I was earlier than usual at my classroom and I ran into Gabriela for the second time in the past month. Only I hadn't met her before. She introduced herself and as I was prepping for class, she started asking me questions and we engaged in conversation. Gabriela is an adult college student at the university where I teach. She told me how she had studied 'interior design' back when she was in college and that later in her life she realized she wanted to become an architect. Only now had she found the time to enroll back in school to pursue her lifelong dream.

She called me over to show me something, a video she had downloaded to her computer and she told me she wanted me to see it. I was a little freaked out at first not knowing what she was about to show me, but I went ahead and saw it with her. It was a video of a girl runner (only later I found out her name is Heather Dorniden) who falls in the midst of a race, and is left behind by the other three girls. But then, she gets up. And then, she catches up with them. Finally, she ends up winning the race.

As I stood there beside her with my whole mind in awe after what I had just seen and what it had meant, Gabriela told me that video had made her realize that 'it is never too late to go after what you want'. Even if you fall (fail), you can always get back up, continue to run and win the race.  So inspiring.

Soon after that, my students began to arrive at the classroom and I got distracted with them. When I turned around to say goodbye to Gabriela, she was gone. I can only hope I run into her again sometime soon. Meanwhile, here's the video she showed me.

What's stopping you from going after what YOU want? Get up and go get it. Yes, you can.



  1. I found this absolutely true and inspiring. Thanks for put it into words and thanks to Gabriela too. If I ever quit running (in its wider sense), I'll remember this.

  2. It is, isn't it? We sometimes feel defeated before we actually are, so it is important to keep this in mind! Thanks for reading! xx