Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Moving On

I can't believe it's been six months since we moved into the house where we currently live in. To say that I'm NOWHERE near settled here is an understatement. Just a few days ago I had a carpenter over to explain how I wanted to (custom) make many things. Later that afternoon, A told me we needed to find a new place to live *gasp*.

Our contract is due this month, and although we have the landlord's word that the place is 'ours' for the next six months, it is rather uncomfotable to have him over with people 'to see the house' on occassion. Also, the house has many issues that we can't deal with anymore. So... we house hunted.

Said house hunt didn't take long as, luckily, there's a house available in the same neighbourhood, actually, four houses down from ours. We really like the area, it is close to A's work and I finally figured out enough bus routes to take me wherever I need to go. Also, we really like our house which is a good thing since we're basically moving to the same house, only better.

Moving elsewhere always makes me nostalgic. I know we've only been here for six months, but it is the first house A and I ever shared, where we brought in the first furniture we bought together, where I've cooked him breakfast every sunday morning. We hosted my best friend, my sisters and nieces and my parents and Camilo. This place is special.

I didn't get around to make this house more of a home for us in this short time, but still I thought I'd share some snaps of our time here.

Thanks for dropping by.


*Pictures from top to bottom: our front door, our version of the 'Welcome' matt, our first night at the new place, Christmas decorations from (technically) our first Christmas (actually) living together, breakfast from when my bff was staying with us and a repeat of Camilo visiting.