Friday, March 06, 2015

Around Here

It's been crazy lately. A took a fall at work last week and ended up in crutches, which means I've been on nurse mode, tending to his every need. He was in a lot of pain for a few days but is feeling better now. Boy really can't complain, he's been getting the royal treatment all week.

Personally, I've enjoyed having him around to hang with. Since he's supposed to be on bed rest, he's been staying home or coming earlier from work.  We've been enjoying meals in bed (can't make the poor bloke come up and down the stairs every time) and movie afternoons with corresponding treats, for which I can't complain.

That about explains why I haven't been posting this last week. This was also the reason why we had to cancel our weekend away in Mexico City. Health comes first. But as I said, he's feeling better and will be back to his normal self next week, and hopefully so will I.

This weekend will be spent pretty much the same, watching movies and eating junk. Have a nice weekend!


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