Sunday, January 25, 2015

December Daily Recap Part 1

I first read about #decemberdaily in this blog back in December and decided I'd give it a try, but under my own rules. For example, I most definitely would not make a scrapbook out of it. Instead, I thought I'd take only Iphone photos, share them on Instagram and then tell the stories surrounding each photo in this blog. So here it is, the first part of my December:

1. Seasonal coffee at Starbucks. A and I usually go out for coffee once a week, after he comes home from work. We talk about our day and just enjoy each other's company. We do this at home every night too, but we think it's important to sometimes get out of the house as well. There aren't many coffee places near our house, but I don't mind having Starbucks when is either Pumpkin Spice or Toffee Nut latte season.

2. Christmas Tree at home. That is, my childhood home in Veracruz, and the tree my mom decorates with dad's help, and this year, mine too.

3. Roadtripping. Mom and I took a little vacation visiting relatives in Laredo and San Antonio, TX. Our flight was early and we didn't have time to eat breakfast, so after crossing the border, my uncle stopped at a gas station where we got coffee and Bimbo treats (who knew they had those in the US?). Also, I went to the restroom.

4. Chicano restrooms. We stayed at a friend's house in Laredo. She's American but was married to a Mexican man for many years. She's what you call 'chicana' and her home is Mexican Style. I found it quite funny that there was a sign in her bathroom indicating what it was for.

5. Trust in the powers of the universe. I loved seeing this little mantra on Raquel's fridge. A good reminder that we get what we ask for and we attract what happens to us.

6. A walk by the river. Mom and I hadn't been in SA in probably 20 years, so it was really nice to get to visit this place again together. The early Christmas lights and decoration were a great touch also.

7. Seasons. Unlike where I live, seasons not only change in Texas, but also, you can tell they do. I loved seeing the trees with different leaf colors. This photo was taken after an embarrassing attempt of myself to be showered by brown leafs.

8. Angel. This little pup belongs to Raquel. She was friendly and cuddly and made our stay more homey. Helped us miss Camilo (our Pug) a lot less. She would jump on the sofa while we were watching tv every night and fall asleep on our lap. I miss her.


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