Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Taking Back Texas

For my mom's birthday (back in November) I wanted to give her a special present. Something she had been asking for a while now: a trip to visit family friends in Texas. Now, because off my working situation (or lack there of) I decided I would travel with her to Laredo and San Antonio and take the opportunity to do a little shopping myself.

I hadn't been to Texas in probably over 20 years.* San Antonio was just as I remembered it and it made me really happy to visit places I once visited with my entire family and my grandmother, like Downtown and the Rivercenter Mall. Visiting the Shops at La Cantera wasn't so bad either.

We spent a week traveling back and forth, but overall I enjoyed spending time with my mom, learning about Raquel's writing and painting, taking pictures of her beautiful home and eating all sorts of (junk) food. Now I wish I had brought along my nice camera. Epic fail.

I'm looking forward to returning by car so that I can pack an entire shop of home goods into my nonexistent car.


*I visited Texas back in 2009 on my way to dropping my sister off in Indy, but it was a pit stop on a longer journey.

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