Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Nuevo Vallarta

The airport is in Puerto Vallarta, which is actually in a different state, Jalisco.
Back in June I had to travel to Riviera Nayarit, more specifically to Nuevo Vallarta, for a project 229 is currently working on. I took a bus to CDMX on Monday afternoon and then headed there early the next day.

After spending most of the afternoon touring the site and taking measurements and pictures (without any sort of protection against the sun, I may add), I wanted to go out and explore. 

All the houses by the water give me major 'The O.C.' vibes.

Not a real pyramid, but the entrance to a hotel.

I first headed to a ‘mall’ which was kind of a letdown. However, I found a super market where I was surprised to see all the international products they carry (none of which I had seen before in stores in CDMX, Puebla or Veracruz). Orgasmic peanut butter, anyone?

Pumpkin pure, Sloppy Joe Sauce (Del Monte???), Marshmallow Creme and Orgasmic Peanut Butter.
I wanted to grab a bite to eat since I hadn’t eaten since way earlier, before my flight in. I decided to head into the Hard Rock Hotel, as I had seen they had 6 different restaurants (none of which I ate in). I gave myself a tour of the hotel, even taking a stroll down the beach and just hung there for a while, wishing A was there with me. 

This one was my favorite for its views of the beach and swimming pools (plus its name).
Loved all the music inspired details :)
Postcard from Nuevo Vallarta.
Tidal waves they rip right through me :)
Baywatch moment.

Sunburned and hungry, I headed back to the condo where they were lodging me and took a dip in the pool to freshen up and curled back on one of their chairs where I lounged and read the book I bought earlier at the airport (The Choice by Nicholas Sparks). 

Relaxing after a long day's work.

Even hungrier, I changed back and headed next door for dinner. I chose to eat dinner on one of their patios. I had a caprese salad, a creamy pasta with salmon and large sangrĂ­a. The food was really good and the overall atmosphere of the place was nice, it being 9 pm and still NOT dark was a bonus. I skipped desert and headed back to the condo to call it a night.

Dinner for one (I may have over done it, just maybe).
Patio goals.
The next morning was uneventful. I had breakfast at a place nearby (never let it be said that I watch what I eat when on 'vacation') and went back for my luggage to catch a ride to the airport, heading to CDMX, then home by bus.

View from my room.
Breakfast of champions.
On the way back to the airport.
Flying home.
It was a super short trip (24 hours) but I definitely enjoyed having some well deserved down time for myself. Hopefully next time we visit as we work on the project, A will come along and we'll stay a weekend at the very least.


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