Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A New Series

My cousin is headed to study a Master at The University of Sheffield, just as I did a few years ago. I can't begin to express how happy it makes me that his dream is coming true, but also, the fact that he's gonna be walking the same streets as I did!!! 

It's not that common that someone you know (let alone as close as a family member) goes to college in Sheffield, as it isn't as popular as other European Master destinations as Barcelona, Madrid or even London, so I'm really excited to have this to share with someone I love. 

I've talked about writing a series about my time in Sheffield for a long time (since I never did while I was there) and now I have the perfect excuse! Except, instead of it being all about my adventures, I thought it could become some sort of guide for anyone heading there whether for school or just for a fun British getaway.

This will be an opportunity for me to share some knowledge about a place I called home for a year. To reflect upon the amazing experiences I had, but also on missed opportunities. All in favor of those who are coming after me, in the hopes that when they get their turn, they get to live the adventure to the fullest, no regrets.

They say 'to remember is to (re)live', so join me in (re)living this amazing experience! I'll start next week with a 'before you go/what to pack' post, so come back and check it out! :)


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