Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Girls Weekend

This is a topic which has been popping on the blogs I follow, which kind of tells me something: great minds think alike! but seriously, maybe it was the timing, but it seems like girls all over the blogosphere were hanging out with their besties at the same time. I know I was.

When I was studying a master in England, one of my best friends was doing the same in Spain. It was established quite early that at some point we’d visit each other. Not only did that happen but also a couple of our (mutual) best friends decided to tag along, and so began our almost two week European adventure around London, Paris and Madrid (which I didn’t get to go to since I was on #thesismode).

Now this was five years ago, and ever since then so much has changed in all of our lives. Basically the four of us live in different states now and even though three of us were living in the same place for almost three years, we rarely saw each other, other than during long breaks like Christmas or Spring, and not even where we lived, but where we are from! 

But this year, one of them is getting married!*, and we decided such occasion called for a reunion! So we each packed our things and met in Mexico City for a girls weekend.
We met for lunch in Polanquito before heading to the theater to see ‘The Lion King’ and headed to a club afterwards in a sort of ‘bachelorette party’ kind of way. We even brought props! (apparently I'm the bride's chic friend) The next day we met again for a ‘bring me back to life’ lunch and then headed over to Mercado Roma for desert (carajillos and churros). The reunion was short but sweet and it gave us all a chance to catch up over drinks and food, which in my opinion is the very best way to catch up with girlfriends. 

Moreover, the reunion made me think about friendships. They evolve with time and it takes work to keep them alive. Whether you are married/in a committed relationship, living at home/away, have a time consuming job or you're simply too busy for whatever reason, it is important to take the time to see friends. You don't have to get away for the weekend or go on a week long adventure to a foreign country, I say as long as you got your girls, you're covered. Get a coffee or better yet, a cocktail. Call each other. Reach out. Even if you haven't seen each other in a long time, once you are together, it'll be as though as no time ever passed.

Now go and call your girlfriends ;)


*The wedding already happened and it was EPIC.

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