Sunday, February 21, 2016

Closing Time

A and I have known each other for almost 8 years, dated for almost 6 and lived together for over a year. Now, since exactly about one month, we have also been business partners.

After what seemed like forever, I worked at an office building architectural models, and although I loved it to death, it wasn't loving me back as much. I've said this already, the hours were (extremely) long and the pay wasn't worth all the 'complications', like getting into constant fights with A over not being home at decent hours, having my mom worried all the time that I was leaving the office at 3 in the morning on a regular basis, and many, many more.

So... I quit. 

It wasn't as deliberate as that. I had thought about it for a long time, but because I wasn't certain of my financial situation, I had been postponing it. Just when it seemed like it was all going to work out for the best, I got bad news, and so I postponed it again. And then the greatest thing happened.

A asked me to officially join him in business!!!

I've also mentioned before that A has been working on independent projects for a long time now, alternating his personal work with his other work. And fortunately, it has got to a point where projects are so big (and so many) that he can't continue to do it alone. So here I come.

For the last month, I've been working from home, alternating between my classes at uni and our work. We don't see the point in renting out office space since we have a spare bedroom, and so we have make it comfortable enough so that we both can work there when necessary, or in my case, all the time. It's not much so far, but it is what we need and we are really happy about how it is turning out.

I look forward to transform this space into the studio of my dreams (sorry, our dreams) and to share this process as we go here on the blog.

Quitting my job was the best decision I've made in the longest time. Nothing beats being the owner of my time, creating my schedule and working with my best friend in something we are both passionate about and most importantly is ours and is getting us towards where we want to go. Getting to go out to dinner or coffee dates mid week, doesn't suck either :)

So there it is. I can officially check that goal off my list.


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