Sunday, January 31, 2016

Guilty Pleasures: Music Edition

Since I work in a very noisy environment to say the least, it is often that I find myself wearing earphones. I always find it hard to decide what to listen though, in order not to get it burnt out. I've been one to listen to the same artist/album/song so much I end up hating it, so I try and diversify the music I listen to from time to time.

Long nights at work require certain concentration which can be hard to attain after 15 hours in the office, and so, occassionally I'll need to listen to music that will help keep me awake, which means no Coldplay or the Roswell Soundtrack.

Just the other night I had this song by The Ataris stuck in my head, which gave me the idea to crank up all the songs I once praised, songs not a lot of people know (at least not the people I know), songs I love. The genre? Punk Rock.

I might not strike you as the type of person (if there is even a type) which would listen to this type of music. Whenever people ask me what kind of music I like, I don't exactly stand proudly acknowledging this. Partly, because it's not something I listen to anymore, and partly because I think it's a little awkward.

However, I spent that Saturday night mouthing the words to 'Responsibility' and 'My friends over you' and even though I was extremely tired and frustrated after not getting my pieces right, I felt happy. Music kinda does that, doesn't it? I mean, it can change a mood, it can bring back memories, and for a while there, I was back in high school, dressing up (or attempting to) like Avril Lavigne and going to see my friends' bands play at clubs.

Although I guess there's no wrong age for listening to a certain type of music, it is a fact that as everything else in life, we change and our tastes evolve as we grow up. And although these days it is more likely that you will find me listening to Jason Mraz or Gavin Degraw, still this doesn't mean I don't enjoy singing out loud to 'Pretty Fly' or 'I'm just a kid', no matter how old I get. 

Well I guess this is growing up*
What's your musical guilty pleasure?


*These are lyrics to a Blink 182 song (my favorite band growing up).
*PS. Here´s a playlist where you can listen to my musical guilty pleasures (Punk-Rock edition).
*Image via here.

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